Chef Instructor Training Program

The Cook for America® Chef Instructor Training Programs are designed for committed professional chefs who want to share their culinary knowledge and experience with the school districts in their community. Professional chefs who successfully complete the program will become Certified Chef Instructors in Cook for America’s® Lunch Teachers™ Culinary Boot Camps.

The Chef Instructor Training Program begins with two-weeks of intensive exposure to the world of school food, including an overview of the National School Lunch Program from an historical and policy perspective; the driving forces behind, and the consequences of, the modern American food system; the unique characteristics of, and limitations and opportunities within, a typical school food service operation; and in-depth exposure to the Cook for America® curriculum and teaching methodology. Those chef instructor trainees who successfully complete the two-week course will go on to student-teach during Cook for America’s® Lunch Teachers™ Culinary Boot Camps under the supervision of co-founders Kate Adamick and Andrea Martin prior to becoming Certified Chef Instructors.

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