Jr. Chef

Cook for America® Jr. Chef Events bring fun-filled, hands-on food-based, education to elementary schools. In these two-day school-wide events, every child plays a role in preparing a seasonal recipe that incorporates a range of fresh ingredients. The parts become greater than the whole, giving each of our young chefs an enormous amount of ownership of the final product and allowing them to see the powerful results of teamwork and community.

Jr. Chef events unite the entire school community by getting students to explore new foods and teaching them about the joys of cooking. This unique program provides the type of experiential learning that field trips provide without the cost of leaving the classroom. During Day One, the chef instructors transform a classroom into the Jr. Chef Kitchen, where students learn to prepare fresh ingredients for a recipe. Then, students learn to taste like professional chefs when they attend the Day Two Tasting Assembly. Pre- and Post-Event Activities build students’ anticipation and excitement leading up to the event and amplify their overall educational experience as a follow-up to the event.