Lunch Teachers™ Culinary Boot Camp

The cornerstone of Cook for America® is its 5-day Lunch Teachers™ Culinary Boot Camps, which provide school food service directors, kitchen managers, lead cooks, and support staff with concentrated and comprehensive culinary training in such basic competencies as food safety and sanitation, culinary math, time management, knife skills, menu planning, and foundational cooking techniques related to proteins, grains, legumes, vegetables, sauces, and baked items. A critical step towards professionalizing the school food work environment and workforce, Cook for America’s® 5-day Lunch Teachers™ Culinary Boot Camps build skills, confidence, awareness, and motivation among its participants.

Foremost among Cook for America’s® goals is to increase the level of self-respect among school food service workers who, all too often, feel as if they are the least important staff members in a school district’s hierarchy. In furtherance of that goal, graduates of the Lunch Teachers™ Culinary Boot Camps are recognized as culinary ambassadors who lead the school food reform in their own districts and embrace their essential role in teaching children about the pleasures and benefits of eating real food prepared in a healthful manner.

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